Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well hell no!

Ugh! Thankfully the hormonal overcharge is on the downswing. Does that mean I am going to cry any less? Well hell no! I am a serious mess. Everything is making me feel weepy and stupid. The weepies are making me feel stupid, not the everything.

Tony sent me a file the other night and says, "Don't read that unless you want to get the sniffles." Given my current emotional state you would think I would steer clear, right? Well hell no! Curiosity got the best of me, and I read it. I did not get the sniffles. I was bawling my eyes out.. sobbing. He says, "Well I told you it made me get the sniffles!!" Umm.. no.. he said it would give me the sniffles.. if it gave him the sniffles I was bound to feel like I lost my mother or something... or damned near. I was not happy with him for a while.

In my defense.. the stupid file is about a dog taken to a shelter and put to sleep.. from the dog's perspective... *blinks* What? I am made of stone? He knows I am a weeping, hormonal mess. Ya think maybe he could have remembered and just not shared. Well hell no!

I must say here that I am not always weepy though. Some times I am just flat out bitchy. Oh yeah.. the other side of the pendulum is that everything is pissing me off.. everything that is not making me cry that is.. well.. actually some things are doing both. I may post more about that later.

Bless his heart.. Tony really is very patient most of the time. So is Brandon. I guess they have to be to live with me. Thankfully I have Karen and Sheli to bitch to about stuff too. It really helps, and keeps me from just killing someone. Nyxie is helpful.. but she is much more likely to encourage homicide.. so we talk about other things. lol

Well I love y'all. More later.. I guess.. if I feel like it. *smooches*

Do I feel like getting offline to start my chores. Well hell no!


Mia said...

Gah, a file about a dog's point of view being put down.

I just had my dog put down last week. I would be past sniffles, past sobbing and full on into slitting my wrists with a spoon.

Hope you feel better soon. :)

Mia.. A friend of Nyx's, living her far more interesting life vicariously.

Nyxmyst said...

Me? Encourage homicide? Well.. hrmm.. yeah.

But is that a bad thing? I promise to help move the bodies afterwards. Really. *nods sagely*

Paula said...

Hi Mia! I have been reading your blogs too.. in fact I posted to one I the other day. I am really sorry about your dog. Hurts my heart just hearing about it darlin. *hugs*

I live through Nyxie a lot too. It is fun, and much less sweaty that way. I just feel all energized listening to her about her gym routine, and somehow I feel less guilty about that extra scoop of ice cream on my peach cobbler knowing she is working so hard on her diet. Yep.. gotta love the Nyxinator.

You gotta promise to help hide and/or bury the bodies too before I start Nyx. I really do appreciate your most generous offer.. I do. *smooches*

*shares her bowl of popcorn and box of cookies with Mia while we watch Nyx work it*

Divine Chaos said...

*scootles in to join the watch nyxie group and huggles paula* sounds like you're having a rough time Sis .. I'm here if ya need to vent n'stuff, yanno. I'll make ya giggle at least, while you're crying and snotting all over the place. just make sure ya have tissues .. a whole box :p

Nyxmyst said...

I do not work out for your amusement! lol. And stop eating that popcorn! Bad women!

Yes, I'll help bury the bodies. All this working out should help with the whole hole digging thing. *winks*

Mia said...

*curls in and eats popcorn happily while watching Nyx sweat so she has muscles enough to dig the many holes it will take to bury all of the dead bodies we can generate*

Hey, y'all! Love reading your blogs every morning while I eat bacon wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

Nyxmyst said...

*takes Mia's bacon away*

*hands back the lettuce*

*takes EVERYONES popcorn away*


Divine Chaos said...

*snatches the popcorn from nyxie* hey! you're working out .. we're watching. that's how it works. *smirks and shares poppycorn wif Mia & Paula* By the way, love reading your blog every morning, Mia :-) Ya always make me giggle!