Monday, September 8, 2008

Post damnit.. post!

Nyxie: you dont post nearly often enough
Paula: lol
Paula: I wondered how long it would take you
Nyxie: post damnit.. post
Nyxie: lol
Nyxie: about.. this long
Nyxie: now post
Paula: Yes mistress.. remind me to get right on that *smartass salute*
Nyxie: Dont make me beat you
Nyxie: lol
Paula: Promises promises.. like that is supposed to be a deterrent???
Nyxie: Okay if you post I promise to beat you?Nyxie: lol
Paula: Damn.. now see that is tempting. lol
Nyxie: lmao
Nyxie: post
Paula: *ties you to the post and goes back to munching on Pringles*
Nyxie: Hey!
Nyxie: Cut that out!
Paula: What? It seemed like the obvious solution to me. lol
Nyxie: LOL
Nyxie: It is not!
Paula: I can put some bus straps on the top if that will make you feel better. *grins*
Nyxie: Yes, yes it will.
Nyxie: lolol
Paula: LOL

She just said post.. nothing specific. Here ya go Nyxie. *grins*


Love y'all!


Nyxmyst said...

*thwaps Paula repeatedly and then takes away her chips again*

Divine Chaos said...

LMAO! Good post!!

*grins and shares her Pringles with Paula*

Nyxmyst said...

Bah! You chip eating she demons.

Lost two more pounds, btw. :P