Saturday, August 30, 2008

OMG.. Mom quit crying!

I have heard that females that hang out with each other long enough will all eventually cycle together.. no not bicycle.. I mean the lovely monthly visitor we all so hormonally enjoy... by whatever name you call it. I have to admit I am surprised however when even most of my online girlfriends seem to be on the same cycle I am too though.

Nyxie said she is crying at commercials. Lucky you.. I do not even have that excuse! Karen is pissed at me for starting.. because I started Thursday night, called her to complain about it, and then she started Friday morning. Sorry Karen!

Brandon brought me a glass of lemonade the other day, and I thanked him for it. The next thing I know I am thinking about how much I appreciate him.. what a good kid he is.. and *POOF* I am bawling my eyes out. He thought he had accidentally gotten me the wrong thing or something, and I told him... no no no.. it is okay... bear with me I am hormonal. He did what he usually does. Rolled his eyes and sighed.. then went back to Youtube. However.. about the fifth time I started crying because of something he did yesterday.. He was over it. "OMG, Mom! Quit crying! It is okay. I like doing stuff for you. Yes I know you appreciate me, but please stop crying!" Then he rolled his eyes and went back to Youtube again.

I live in a house full of guys. Tony.. Brandon.. and now Tony's best friend (practically since birth) is living with us too. Privacy is a joke at best on a normal day, but now you can forget it. The little house we rent has one bathroom, and the only way to get to it is.. Tada! by walking through my bedroom. So needless to say my room is generally Grand Central Station morning and night. Thankfully Karen comes over with her daughter at least once a week to help me dispel the testosterone poisoning in the house.

There is an upside though. The guys know I am "a bit" bitchy and hormonal now, and so I sit here in my room, in my bed.. alone (*sighs peacefully for the moment*), and drinking a cup of coffee while I do my email and stuff. They are afraid I will start crying if they bug me too much. *giggles* Maybe there are advantages afterall.


Nyxmyst said...

Yeps, we all cycle together. It's weird, actually. I think another of my friends started today too. Errr.. Tahlia. Weirdness.

Divine Chaos said...

that's right, just scare the hell out of them .. learn to cry on command lmao .. men never know what to do with a crying female and usually run screaming into the night. *grins*

i'm off cycle .. i don't start for another 2 weeks :p