Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gettin the monkey off my back =Þ

Okay.. nyx is bitching at me again.. so I am posting something to get her off my ass. I love how she lowercases, goes back to slave.. and becomes even bossier than before. :P

She did send me something to read first.. so I guess that helps. Man who had sex with sheep won't appear on sex offender registry, court rules

Why not.. bestiality.. PETA.. all sorts of interesting stuff there. Does this count as a post?

By the way.. I finally remembered to post this.. so here ya go, nyx.

bedroom toys

There is a post coming, but this is just for now.

Love y'all.



Nyxmyst said...

I am not bossy. I'm just.. err.. umm.. somethingthatisntbossy.


And where's that promised post? :P

wuv ya

Divine Chaos said...

ya are to bossy *grins*

Nyxmyst said...

Am not! Hmmphs! *stomps her foot*

Paula said...

Wow.. bossy and childish at the same time. I have to admit that was almost impressive. :P

So how were the storms, Kay? :D

I do so love you both very much.. very very.

Divine Chaos said...

haven't had the storms yet .. i've been smelling it in the air all day though, it's driving me insane!

and nyxie .. I love you .. but .. yes you are *grins*