Friday, October 3, 2008

Movies, the weekend and the kid

Well the weekend is here, and Tony will be leaving for Chattanooga in a bit. I hate it when he is gone all weekend, but I also understand that his mom has no one else to help her do the things around the house that she is no longer capable of doing herself.

Realizing that we would not have time to spend together this weekend we stayed up late last night watching movies and stuff. Tony managed to find a decent copy of The Dark Knight, Hancock, The Lost Boys II: The Tribe (or whatever it is called.. Tony came in and told me what it was as he was reading what I had already written over my shoulder. Thanks baby!), and a really awesome copy of Ironman.

I had seen Ironman before, but it was a bad cam copy the first time.. so we watched this newer copy earlier this week. I liked the movie.. both times. I always loved Robert Downey Jr. It really bothered me when he lost his mind a few years ago. I wondered if we were ever going to get to see him act again, and I am relieved and happy for him that he managed to pull his shit together. Ironman is good if you like big, loud, noisy, violent hero movies. Obviously in this house we do as three of the four movies downloaded this week are that type of movie. lol

Last night we watched The Dark Knight. I had seen the prequel, Batman Begins, and I had really enjoyed this take on the Batman story. I finally felt like I had a better understanding of the wheres and the whys of how the character was turned into this dark vigilante. The Dark Knight carries on, and the Batman is really pushed to his limits by the Joker. It is a long movie, and is very dark, but the story is good if you are a superhero type fan... and I am. You do have to pay attention or you can get a little lost, and some of the plot twists are tricky. It was well worth the time though.

I have to admit I was a little hesitant about watching this movie at first. After all the hoopla about Heath Ledger dying I was not sure I wanted to see him play this character. I am glad I have though. I was a little sad knowing it was one of his final performances, but he did an amazing job. He really pulled out all the stops to make the Joker come alive. It makes me wonder if the day in and day out of being the Joker did not contribute to some of the problems that caused his death. I had seen, and had loved, him in The Patriot and Casanova. I liked him in both. There will be another movie coming out next year that was his final project, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I never saw Brokeback Mountain, and I am not sure I want to see it, but I will try to see this other movie when it is released.

Brandon and I are going to watch Hancock this weekend, and I will wait for Tony to see The Lost Boys. I know there are a few other movies we will be watching this weekend too, but I am going to let Brandon pick a couple as we get to spend Mom & kidling time. We always miss Tony when he goes, but we try to make up for his absence by cooking stuff we think he does not like as much, and goofing off more. Brandon makes sure the house is all locked up at night, and that everyone (menagerie included) is all tucked in for the night.

Oh.. and the menagerie has grown. We now have four dogs (three chihuahuas, and a beagle mix), two cats, three box turtles, two painted turtles, nine black rat snakes, one albino corn snake, fifteen 1' gold fish, two salt water aquariums, and I think we are ordering the partridge in the pear tree next week. Oh.. my tom cat has a girlfriend, and although she is feral she still comes up on the porch to eat from his food dish.. so I guess we sorta have three cats. I will be inheriting more cats soon. My sister-in-law needs a home for a handful of cats she has at her old house. I think between the black rat snakes Tony released in the back yard this year and all the cats the field mice won't have a chance.

Maybe we won't have to catch and release any of the little suckers this year. Last year we had a couple try to move in when the cold set in outside. Poor Brandon got a lesson in the way life works this last year. He was really proud of himself for having caught one of the mice that had gotten into the house.. and he took it out to the edge of the woods to release it. He did not pay any attention to my tomcat (KC.. short for kamikaze cat) following him as KC always follows him around the yard. So when Brandon let the mouse go, KC pounced.. and before Brandon could say a word KC had the little thing dead and was smiling up at Brandon like.. See what I did? Aren't I the shit?!?! Brandon was bummed out until we reminded him that KC was only doing his job. lol.. he accepted that.. but he was still a little pissed off at KC for a while.

Okay.. this should be long enough that even the nyxinator cannot bitch, and I want to get off here to spend some time with Tony before he leaves.

Love y'all!


Nyxmyst said...

Oh I'm sure I can bitch.. lol.. okay, maybe not yet.

Hancock was kinda amusing, kinda not. He's done better films but it wasn't bad for what it was.

Do NOT see the new Lost Boys movie. Really. Oh my fucking gods it is the worst thing ever. It makes you want to claw your eyes out, or their eyes out, whatever.

Who knew they could ruin Lost Boys for me? *sighs* Fucktards.

Divine Chaos said...

ooo I've been waiting to see Dark Knight *dances all excitedly and stuff* I'm thinking the kiddies and I are gonna go to the movies this weekend, maybe, if we can find something on that's worth watching .. 'cause I think Pookie's friend, Mouth, is gonna move in on us. She thinks I'm way cool *giggles*

At least Brandon just saw the cat kill a mouse. My poor sister saw one of her cats eating its own babies ... she was so pissed, hated that cat til the day it died. *giggles*

Nyxmyst said...

She has a friend named.. Mouth?

Divine Chaos said...

well ... that's what I call her. *grins*