Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tagged 8 & Kittens

Well J/Southern Sage over at Welcome to Sageville tagged me with this Tagged 8 meme.. so here is my go at it. Thanks J! =Þ~~~

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. When my sister-in-law opens her pool for Summer. I love the water!
2. School being out. I love when TheBMan is home.
3. June 2nd when Sims 3 comes out!!!
4. Getting a new car (well new to us) soon.
5. In a few weeks when the kittens are old enough to play.
6. Getting our patio finished so we can grill out & have bonfires with friends & family at night.
7. The garden being full of fresh veggies. Tony went nuts planting this year. Yea!!
8. Mom finally getting done with all her tests, and the doctors telling her she is okay. I am praying hard for this one.

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. Harassed TheBman while he was trying to get ready for school.
2. Harassed Tony in general.
3. Got new pictures of Candi's kittens, and moved them back into the box in my room.
4. Cancelled my World of Warcraft subscription so I can find something else to play for a while. Two years has been long enough.
5. Read blogs, and commented here and there.
6. Watched movies and a little TV with Tony and TheBman.
7. Rough-housed and played with my babies. (Snoopy & Lucy my chihuahuas)
8. Took a nap after my damned meds knocked me out again.

Eight things I wish I could do:

1. I wish I could pay off Mom and the sibs' mortgages, buy a house and pay ours off too.
2. Find a way to make things easier for TheBman.
3. Find a cure for Asperger's syndrome to help my kidling out.
4. Lose weight FAST.
5. Go visit my family in California, and take TheBman to Disneyland.
6. Fix some family troubles.. and figure my Dad out a little better. Forgive Dad.
7. Had to steal this one from Sage. LOL... Eat and drink anything I wanted in unlimited quantities with no adverse affects.
8. Marry Tony a lot younger, and change things so he was TheBman's biological father as well as his REAL dad since the sperm donor is such a loser.

Eight TV shows I watch:

1. Criminal Minds
2. CSI shows.. including NY and Miami
3. Cupid
4. Survivor
5. Nature on PBS
6. Anything with the Cousteau family
7. Sanctuary on Sci Fi
8. Dr. Who & Torchwood on BBC

Eight people I tag:

1. Divine Chaos

2. Tempestuous

3. Janie

4. Sass

5. Nyxie

6. Petra

7. Phat Mama

8. Vodka Mom

Obviously no one is obligated to do this, but please let me know if you do. I would love to read your answers. Hopefully I will see you post them anyway.. but just in case. Thanks!

Oh.. and before I forget. My calico cat, Candi, had her first kittens last week. We finally got a few pictures. I am sharing the best two I could get of the little wigglers. lol

Love ya'll!! *smooches* =]


Nyxmyst said...

ack! I got tagged!

The kittens are SO fucking cute!!!! OMG I want them!

Paula said...

Paula, what cuties. I really do love cats. I understand your faible for pictures of storm. Here the same :-) They are so powerful and reminds us of nature's forces - both ways...
Paula, with oyu being a follower of our blog ( Love is a journey ) I like to invite you to join my own blog too. Even when sanity is overrated ;-) Anyway, with Skip and my relation in distress I have to watch out formself a bit more, strengthening myself I have strated my own blog:
Just have started it and would love if you stay faithful to me there too and join me on my way of recovery. Love from Munich, Paula xx

Sass said...

Thank you! I'm in a blog funk, so I'll definitely do this!

Keely said...

2 years? I've been playing CoH for over 4. I take breaks, but yeah. Are you telling me I need a life?


Southern Sage said...

great answers!!

I don't do cats tho! You can keep mine!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

OMG, nothing is cuter than new kittens! I want one!

Thanks for tagging me, if I feel well enough tomorrow, I will do it and let you know!

Melanie D said...

Those kittens are so adorable!!!!