Saturday, December 6, 2008

Songs to Stick in your Head

Maybe it is because I just did not get enough sleep.. who knows why.. but I woke up this morning with this old song in my head. Sooooooooooo.. I went to google it and then found it on youtube. Not sure why.. but it reminds me of nyxie.. who could have only been like four or five when it came out.. so.. she probably has not heard it.

Here it is on Youtube. And if that one is not bad enough.. here is another one. lol

Brandon was giving me the funniest look when I listened to these. Like.. umm.. Mom.. have you lost it.. again??? *falls over giggling* Poor kid.. I drag him in here at least once a week to hear some song that is going to make him worry about my sanity.. such as it is.

Here is the one from last week. I told him this was one of the best songs EVER. It was another one stuck in my head. I was on a 50's kick last week. I now have most of the soundtrack from American Graffiti marked in my favorites. Mom has a double CD set of Dick Clark hits from the 50's that we have listened to for years.. so I know most of these songs too. lol So I got this song stuck in Brandon's head now. Evil Mom madness is contagious.. hehehe.

I do get some odd songs in my head from time to time. I will be sure to share them when they come to mind. I am hellful like that.. apparently I am no longer allowed to say I am helpful. Tony and Sheli agree I am very very hellful. *giggles*

Love y'uns!


P.S. This ought to give nyxie a heart attack.. two posts in one week! *laughs maniacally*


Divine Chaos said...

*falls over giggling her silly sass off*

omg I remember those songs ... and I just realized I typed sass, instead of ass .. .but we'll go with that.

Two posts in 1 week ..*gasps, clutching her chest* I think i'm havin palpitations!

Paula said...

Yep.. if you are having palpitations.. nyxie's head is probably going to spin around. lol

I love going through and finding old songs on Youtube. I have a bunch in my favorites. I may just post a list of them one day to drag a few of us down memory lane. *grins*

Nyxmyst said...

OMG.. THAT reminds you of me??? lolol.

Paula said...

Well yeah.. like I said. Necro.. cannibalism.. all sorta in the same odd little section of weird things people do. In my mind at least.. lol.

The Dracula one reminded me more though.. sure enough. *giggles*